Census of Venezuelans Irregular in Colombia

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Final Census Report of Venezuelan Irregular in Colombia

The Administrative Registry of Venezuelan Migrants in Colombia (RAMV) announced the outcome of the Final report of the findings of the administrative registration of Venezuelan migrants in Colombia (RAMV) conducted between April-June 2018,including the Venezuelans who are irregular in Colombia (Informe Final Registro Administrativo de Migrantes Venezolanos en Colombia Decreto 542 del 21 de marzo de 2018)[1]. They reported 442,462 people of which 219,799 are women, 222,330 are men and 333 are identified as transgender(June 12, 2018).
According to the final census report: 
  • 82,286 (18.6%) people, out of the 442,462 Venezuelans in Colombia are in the North of Santander in Cúcuta
  • 74,874 (16.92%) are located in La Guajira 
  • 43,483 people (9.83%) in Bogotá 
  • 42,771 Venezuelans (9.67%) in Atlántico
  • 30,688 migrants (6.94%) are in Magdalena
Despite this, the occupation figures of irregular migrants are not so encouraging, since 
  • 23.6% (104,617 people) are employed in informal jobs 
  • 21% (96,868) are independent, and
  • 18% (80,473) are unemployed 
  • 118,709 minors in irregular condition, only 33,107 are attending school.
On the other hand, the health situation remains critical, and an important focus point. In addition to the 16,812people suffering from chronic diseases, 4% of women are pregnant and 76%of them said they do not have prenatal check-ups. 
In addition to the results of the census of Venezuelans in irregular condition, there is a registry of another 376,572 Venezuelans who have visas or permissions. This means that added together, the total registered Venezuelan population in the country is at least 819,034people.
In comparison with the estimates that were held last year, with a cutoff date of December 31, the figure is almost double. Last year, it was reported that 552,494Venezuelans, regular and irregular, though they would remain in Colombia.
The census process is ongoing. There are long lines in different parts of the city where Venezuelans are waiting to register. Venezuelans are occupying the platforms of the First Avenue, one of the main arteries of the city, causing discomfort among citizens who ask the authorities to provide real waiting rooms or a mechanism to unlock the platforms of Cúcuta. 
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